Our passion for cycling began in the tours and races of 1977 and with that came the great experience we now have. Building on a successful past with nine National Championships, countless participations in local and international events and continual contact with professional teams, we decided to establish the company “Andreas Agrotis Bicycles”.

Our aim is to share with you our knowledge and assist you with a broad range of bicycles and numerous spare parts and accessories. Having the fulfilment of the needs of every cyclist as our outmost goal, we help you find which bicycle is ideal for you, so that you are comfortable, safe, and enjoy riding.

Our company strives to enrich our expertise and broaden our partnerships of trust between our clients and suppliers. We offer to professionals, individuals, athletes and cyclists of every age, all the available types of bicycles, accessories, spare parts, clothes and protective gear through exclusive dealerships of globally established brands.

Years of experience in our field and continual technical training have proven our company expertly equipped to offer you high quality services for repairing and maintaining bicycles.
Standing on years of tradition and combining experience and knowledge, “Andreas Agrotis Bicycles” aims ahead so that continuously enhanced quality products are introduced in the domestic market, while maintaining the low prices.